theresa sopko


author - poetess

i believe that storytelling is an essential part of human nature, whether we realize it or not. it’s at the heart of everything, all the way back to hieroglyphs on cave walls.

let's connect, there's a world ready for the creative energy you and i share!

bewilderments of the eyes

the climb from the shadows of her cave into the bewildering sunlight is not an easy one, but quinn can't afford not to try...

cold sober

a delicate and organic collection of poems that chart the journey from skepticism to fulfillment.

small talk

a collection including topics from learning to be comfortable in your own silence, your own body, mental health, self care, the spectrum of relationships, the past versus the present, and more

the art of the book launch party

this e-book will guide you through the party planning process in a way that makes your book launch worthy of what you've accomplished!