Exercising Patience Through The Self Pub Process

I'm not great at patience, and I really don't know many people who are. Especially in this age of immediate gratification. Everything is available so readily, and as self publishing grows and evolves to become easier and more accessible you could have your book out there for everyone to read quicker than ever. 

In the writing industry, patience is key. There's so much waiting and chugging along involved. Rejections are tossed out like candy and you just have to keep chugging. One reader at a time. But before that waiting can even begin, there is an earlier patience that needs to be exercised to better extend your chances once you hit publish.

I know that when I'm getting close to the end of writing a new project, my excitement makes me so antsy. I get all wrapped up in my story and how great I think it is that I just want to share it right away and I start to rush the process. And, if I didn't check myself, the ease of self publishing would make it very simple for me to put work out into the world that isn't ready to be read. 

I know you're excited about your project, and you should be! You should be fueled by your excitement. But you need to reign that excitement in a way that helps you strategize and put out the best work possible. 

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. You should have more than one draft. Your first draft is never your final draft. 
  2. If possible, let a friend or family member read your draft. Get their honest opinion as a reader, not an editor. Revisit your draft based on the feedback you receive. 
  3. Hire an editor, and make revisions accordingly. 
  4. Ask a couple of beta readers to give it a go. Again, revisit your draft if necessary. 
  5. Take a break. Step away from your work and get some distance. All of the different opinions and takes you'll be getting as well as being so inside your story with all of the revisions is going to mess with your head a little. Just take a breather. 
  6. Return to your work, and read it through from start to finish. Make any necessary revisions. 

Tips for exercising patience:

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  1. Read a book not written by you.
  2. Start marketing! Use your excitement to start generating excitement in your audience- share snippets or teasers, post behind the scenes photos, do a cover reveal, share early feedback snippets or stories about the writing process- help your audience feel the anticipation that you do.   
  3. Socialize.
  4. Offer to proofread or beta read for a fellow writer.
  5. Work on other projects.
  6. Spend some time in nature, or in a place that you don’t frequently go or have never been. Explore your city, your town, your state.
  7. Participate in other hobbies you may have.

The process can seem terribly long, which can be frustrating. But you want to make sure you're putting out polished, professional work. Writing is a very intimate thing, and sometimes it takes getting distance from a story and letting outsiders in to get clarity. Bewilderments of the Eyes had so. many. drafts. Seven, to be exact. It would have been so easy for me to put out a manuscript that was not ready to be read. But what a disservice that would have been to the story itself as well as all of the time I put into it. 

Your stories and your readers deserve the best so, as hard as it is, be patient and trust the process! 


Until next time,