Books by theresa sopko


bewilderments of the eyes

the climb from the shadows of her cave into the bewildering sunlight is not an easy one, but Quinn can't afford not to try. when her friend insists on a spontaneous summer road trip, twenty-year-old Quinn Aldredge finds herself on a desperate and daring mission to reclaim the version of herself that was swallowed by depression. not entirely sure if it's even possible to bounce back from something as bone-deep as depression, she abandons the numbing life she had established in her hometown and dives head-first into an attempt to break free from the confines of her own mind. if she wants to succeed, Quinn will have to learn a valuable lesson: sometimes the right path isn't the safest one. as her eyes adjust to the light of the living, she finds friendship, freedom, and romance waiting for her under the sun. Quinn wants nothing more than to uncover the old her, the one who smiled and socialized and actually participated in her own life without the whisperings of mental illness in her ear.

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cold sober

a girl with no plan to fall in love realizes there is no choice in the matter. Cold Sober is a delicate and organic collection of poems that chart the journey from skepticism to fulfillment. with the genuine tone of somebody discovering love and navigating a relationship for the first time, it is impossible not to feel the surprising wonder as you turn each page. Sopko's words are a slowly blooming bud, taking readers from apprehension and distance to to trust and intimacy. Cold Sober asks all of the questions, addresses all of the fears, and acknowledges all of the beauty within the perfect storm that is falling in love.

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small talk

in her second poetry collection, Theresa Sopko addresses all of the things that should be spoken of freely, with open minds and open hearts, in place of the small talk that cloaks our intricacies in the mundane. covering topics from learning to be comfortable in your own silence, your own body, mental health, self care, the spectrum of relationships, the past versus the present, and more, Small Talk is a relentless conversation that does not allow for avoidance or denial.

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the art of the book launch party

sharing a story is something magical, and it is no small feat. this e-book will guide you through the party planning process in a way that makes your book launch worthy of what you've accomplished!

my goal with this book is to provide advice, ideas, and guidance for planning a book party that is tailored to you and your brand. every author and every book is different, which means that a launch party is not a one-size-fits-all affair. each section contains a sub-section titled "Let's Talk About Me", in which i share my own experiences in an effort to help you avoid party planning mistakes I've made in the past.

with four heavily sub-categorized chapters- Pre-Planning, Planning, Approaching Party Time, and Party Time- the strategies and suggestions outlined in The Art of the Book Launch Party, will give you the tools to design a book event that kicks of your book's journey into the hands of readers in a way that represents you as an author and the story you are telling.

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