Cold Sober eBook

Cold Sober eBook


A girl with no plan to fall in love realizes there is no choice in the matter. Cold Sober is a delicate and organic collection of poems that chart the journey from skepticism to fulfillment. With the genuine tone of somebody discovering love and navigating a relationship for the first time, it is impossible not to feel the surprising wonder as you turn each page. Sopko's words are a slowly blooming bud, taking readers from apprehension and distance to to trust and intimacy. Cold Sober asks all of the questions, addresses all of the fears, and acknowledges all of the beauty within the perfect storm that is falling in love.

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I did not want Cold Sober to end. It was like reading into my own little mind. I highlighted and saved so many parts, which I usually don’t do with kindle books. Every part resonated. I felt it all. There was love and self-love, there was the dreamy state of mind and the soft and slow dance you step into, late at night. I am beyond in love. I am so glad I get to keep this book in my life. So looking forward to grabbing the physical copy. A masterpiece of poetry. Many loving vibes to Theresa Sopko for blessing us with this sweet collection!
— Cheyenne Raine, author of Maroon Daydreams and Charcoal Thunderstorms
Cold Sober is a beautiful poetry collection about love and everything related to it from beginning to end. I really love that we were taken on a journey in this collection and how it really came full circle with the last poem referring back to the first one in a really beautiful way. The poetry collection Cold Sober is filled with imagery that is clear and to the point and I think if you’re someone who likes simpler poetry this collection is really recommended. There were several poems that spoke to me, but two of my favorites are PET PEEVE and IN TONGUES. However, there were truly a lot of gems in this collection.
The more poetry I read the more I enjoy the wide range of different poems and poetry collections that exist. Cold Sober is about love, the feeling of expectations in the beginning of a relationship, and intimacy. The purest form of love, where everything is electric even when two people are barely touching each other. I really appreciated that. If you want to read about love, Cold Sober is an excellent choice.
— Olivia Chanel's Galaxy of Books
I found a lot of pieces in this collection to be relatable to my life, which I enjoy in poetry. I think this is a very strong collection and I will be revisiting it soon!
— Shelby Leigh, author of It Starts Like This