The Art of the Book Launch Party eBook

The Art of the Book Launch Party eBook


Sharing a story is something magical, and it is no small feat. This eBook will guide you through the party planning process in a way that makes your book launch worthy of what you've accomplished! 

My goal with this book is to provide advice, ideas, and guidance for planning a book party that is tailored to you and your brand. Every author and every book is different, which means that a launch party is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Each section contains a sub-section titled "Let's Talk About Me", in which I share my own experiences in an effort to help you avoid party planning mistakes I've made in the past. 

With four heavily sub-categorized chapters- Pre-Planning, Planning, Approaching Party Time, and Party Time- the strategies and suggestions outlined in The Art of the Book Launch Party, will give you the tools to design a book event that kicks of your book's journey into the hands of readers in a way that represents you as an author and the story you are telling.

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The Art of the Book Launch is a lovely little guide to planning your own book launch party. What makes the book that extra special though is how Theresa has based it upon personal experience. The information and guidance she offers is what she herself used when she launched her own party for her first book, Bewilderments of the Eyes. Written as a step by step guide, with sections to take you from the very basics of planning and prepping to the actual launch day itself, the book is extremely practical and, above all, achievable. I see so many authors, both published and up and coming, celebrating their book launch parties over social media, but I have never really stopped to think about the planning that goes into such events. This book sheds a little light on the book launch in general, but more so (which interests me a lot more) the process when an author goes the self-publishing route.
A thoroughly enjoyable book, with additional photos and notes, The Art of the Book Launch is an indulgent read both for those who are beginning to look at getting ready to promote their book, or even for those who simply would like to find out what is involved when they get to that exciting stage.
— 5 Stars, Amazon Reader
As an author, I never considered a book launch party. In that respect, this book has offered the main reason why I should in the future. What I would be celebrating is the completion of a book, which often is a long and lonely process.
Theresa Sopko offers valid reasons why every author deserves a launch party, and the practical planning involved in creating a party to remember.
Many detailed steps are offered from choosing a venue, setting a theme (who knew?) to what to put in a swag bag. Since she offers her own experience as a guide, most every aspect of the launch is covered. All that information and much more is here in this delightful little book. I appreciated her presentation which was written with wit, passion and humor. Overall, this was an easy and satisfying read. This book was offered free of charge for my review.
— 4 Stars, Amazon Reader